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There are many things that come into play when consumers are making decisions on what to buy and what not to buy. The most common among this is the need for information about service providers they use, or the products they want to buy. Before the Internet, consumers relied on friends, family and journalists to find new products, learn about what to expect from sellers, and for recommendations on where they should put their money.

With the Internet making it possible for consumers to buy and sell things across borders, the need for more relevant, real time consumers reports has become standard in many companies. Amazon leads the pack with customer reviews splashed across their platform for the sake of consumer education.

Essay writing companies however lag behind with regards to giving their audiences what they want: transparent information, ratings or comments about their talent.

Students as consumers on essay writing company websites

When students buy essays directly through essay writing companies, they’re taking a huge risk they can mitigate by checking out reviews. Instead of buying their papers directly, students should take some time to study various essay writing companies. This will not only give them recommendations for premium services, but it will also help them choose wisely.

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Why we review custom essay writing companies

The number of essay writing companies has been increasing at unprecedented levels. The rough estimate is that, millions of essay writing companies exist on the Internet. In the same breadth, the number of complaints about poor service received by students on this websites is also deafening. We started this review website to help consumers get a deeper understanding into each essay writing company. With the information we share, our users will be in a better position of getting essay writing companies that are not only deliver on their promises, but that are highly rated by fellow consumers.

How it works

One of the most effective ways to help consumers make decisions about companies they should trust is to give them real reviews. We have received customer reviews from our network of essay buyer. We have used the ratings they provided to come up with a list of some of the most reputable essay writing companies- users are free to use these as recommendations if they like the reviews. We have also published a custom summary for each essay writing company fronted here to help buyers make informed decisions.